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Multivitamin oral drops  

Each 1 ml of BEBE-VIT Multivitamin Drops Contains:
Vitamin A                  1500  IU
Vitamin D3                  40    IU
Vitamin E                    5    mg
Vitamin C                    40  mg
Vitamin B1                  0.5 mg
Vitamin B2                  0.6 mg
Vitamin B6                  0.6 mg
Nicotinamide               8.0 mg

 30 ml bottle supplied with a calibrated dropper.

According to the following unless otherwise prescribed by the physician.
1 dropper (1 ml) once daily.
BEBE-VIT oral drops can be added to juices.

For babies & toddlers to maintain normal & healthy growth.

  •  To encourage the normal development of bone & teeth.
  • To avoid & treat vitamin deficiency states.
  • In any case of ↑ demand for vitamins especially during infancy & early childhood.
  • In growth disorders related to vitamin deficiency.
  • In ↓ appetite & in malnutrition.
  • To improve immunity against various infections.
Therapeutic Lines: 
Dosage Form: 

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