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  • Dolcyl M

  • Enemacort

    Rectal retention enema  unique product for treatment of Ulcerative colitis

  • Ensudyne


  • Farex

    Treatment of associated symptoms with common cold ,sinusitis & flu

  • Flagellat Forte

    Antiprotozoal and Anaerobic Bactericide

  • Flexpro Extra

    Effective reliever of muscle spasm & associated pain 

  • Fortazedim

    Broad spectrum antibiotic
  • Gluconorm


  • GR Six

    Dietary supplement

  • Hepaticum

    Dietary supplement to protect liver cells
  • Hi Vit 21

    Ergogenic Supplements - Multivitamins - Multiminerals

  • Hi-Cal

    A Palatable high calcium supplement

  • Hi-Cal Forte

    A Palatable & Readily Absorbable High Calcium Supplement

  • Insulinagypt N

    Human Insulin
  • Insulinagypt R

    Human Insulin
  • Irbedrin


  • Irbedrin –Diu


  • Isoprinosine

    Anti Infective

  • Kidistars Syrup

    Multivitamin and Minerals

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