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  • Perderm Cream

    Topical Corticosteroids
  • Perderm Ointment

    Topical Corticosteroids
  • Protozole

    Anti Protozol

  • Ranitidine

    H2 antagonists for Acid Related Disorders

  • Rapifen

           Rapid Analgesic

  • Rhinostop

    Systemic Decongestant

  • Sediproct

            For treatment of haemorrhoids

  • Simethicone


  • Spectracef Vial

    Broad spectrum antibiotic
  • Spirex


  • Spirex plus


  • Streptoquin

    Antiamoebic & Antidiarrheal

  • Synthecortin

    Synthetic glucocorticoid corticosteroid with marked anti-inflammatory action
  • Temporal

    Analgesic & Antipyretic

  • Unictam

    Broad spectrum antibiotic

  • Ursochol

    Treatment of primary biliary cirrhosis

  • Vagyl

    Vaginal Antiseptic Powder

  • Valproex

    Treatment of generalized, partial or other epilepsy

  • Vidrop

    Prevention & Treatment of Rickets & Osteomalacia

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